The Long Story



Education: B.E. (Mech)(Osmania), M.B.A. (BITS, Pilani)   

Total Techno Commercial Experience: 45 yrs





1.     Key Skills, Expertise & Experience

2.        Achievements In One Year Of Cloud Operations

3.        How Can I Contribute To My Employer?

4.        Summary Of Experience

5.     Career Path

6.     Personal Information about myself










ü   Leading a team to achieve challenging goals

ü   Impeccable written and spoken communication

ü   Excellent rapport building and persuasive ability

ü   Highly IT savvy

ü   Innovative identification of breakthroughs when faced with obstacles

ü   Ability to empathize and take a problem solving approach

ü   High level of zeal and energy that can match a teenager







Ø  IT – Cloud Services Operations and Support

Ø Marketing – Industrial, trade, consumer segments

Ø  Materials – Purchasing, Vendor Development, Logistics, Storekeeping

Ø  General Management – Finance, Human Resources Development






v Marketing of a wide range of products of different industry segments

v Materials Management covering a vast variety of products and services

v HR Consultancy and Placement Services

v Debt Restructuring and Loan Syndication in association with other specialists


Achievements in One Year in

Cloud Service Operations





Increase After I Took Over

Usage of Services by Clients



Reduction of 65%



Completion of Projects



7 identifiable features in Management Control and Documentation Systems



Data On Management Control Systems and Documentation


Previous Period

Present Status

Documentation and Management Control Systems

a)     No client transaction history


b)    No specific time bound plan for implementation

c)     No boundary of specifications defined


d)    No clear system of invoicing or collection

e)     No logging of work


f)      No monthly goals



g)    No formal client relationship monitor

a)     Total Client History being logged in Online Daily Log, monthly  Implementation Plan

b)    Specific Implementation Plan committed and reviewed

c)     Module Specifications defined to avoid ambiguity. To be used by Sales Team for effectiveness


d)    A disciplined method of raising invoices and follow up of collections

e)     Daily work logged by Support Engineers, available online

f)      Clear monthly goals committed by Support Engineers

g)    A Client Interaction Table being followed to ensure rapport building with clients.




How can I contribute to my Employer?



Role in Top Management:


Monitoring of all activities of every wing of assigned Group Companies

Crystallizing and articulating corporate goals and development of a perspective plan

Setting up norms and yardsticks for measurement of achievement

Analyzing and recommending course corrections to achieve goals

Coordinating with all units for debottlenecking and breaking through barriers to our goals

Identifying visible and invisible impediments in achievement of goals


Role in Marketing:


Work out marketing strategies to improve market share and positioning

Develop young professionals through counseling and active guidance to prepare them for positions of responsibility in the organization

Assist the Company in customer support to win long term customer loyalty

Help in designing and assessing advertising and promotional efforts


Role in Project Co-ordination:


Study and understand the basics and nuances of each project

Study and strategize design and implementation of each project

Drafting of contracts to ensure unambiguous protection of Company’s interests

Setting up a Costing System to achieve budgetary planning and control

Performance monitoring of projects on hand

Study of project feasibility studies and assisting in preparation of Detailed Project Reports



Role in Communications function:


Identifying critical pockets of possible communication gaps in the organization

Preparation of communication capsules for periodic release to spread and share information

Use positive communication to counteract natural trend of spread of negativity in the organization

Design communication media like House Magazine, Circular Mails and Notes

Interact actively with all functional professionals to assess undercurrents for Management analysis

Interact with outside media channels and industry organizations towards brand building

 ( for samples of my writing skills, please visit www.jsridhar.in/writing.htm)


Role in Human Resources Management:


Monitoring employee pulse and devising methods to maintain high morale and commitment

Assessing Group’s long term needs and building up human resources

Development of training modules to upgrade employee knowledge and skills

Development of attitudinal skills, goal and result oriented functioning of employees



Role in Finance Management:


Financial planning, budgeting, fund sourcing, debt syndication and related activities

Setting up a Costing System to achieve budgetary planning and control



Role in Materials function:


Product sourcing and negotiating contracts beneficial to the Company on a win-win basis.

Synergizing Group requirements to evolve beneficial purchasing strategies

Assessing the operations of each wing and assisting in setting up simplified, fail safe systems

Establishment of a unified codification system across all Companies in the Group

Training and Development of young professionals to take on responsibilities for the next decade



Role in Information Technology:


Study, evaluation and selection of suitable ERP system for the Group

Identification and enrolment of the most suitable ERP Implementation firm

Step by step introduction of IT at various levels to achieve full online control of all operations







Ran a professional marketing and services organization for 16 years as Executive Director and 8 years as Managing Director.


The Company reached leadership positions in its region in most of the products and services handled.


Successfully led a team of professionals handling various functions. Had exposure to several industry segments: Power Projects, Electricity Boards, Government Organizations, Electrical Trade Sector, Corporates, Industries and Individuals.


Handled a large multi functional team of qualified engineers, finance professionals and technical staff.


Maintained a high level of morale and enthusiasm at all times.


Could develop even unqualified persons to become experts in certain technical fields.


Led the teams to great heights in their fields of endeavour and made a mark in the industry.


In Marketing


Successfully led a team of sales and service professionals. Had exposure to several market segments: Power Projects, Electricity Boards, Government Organizations, Electrical Trade Sector, Corporates, Industries and Individuals. Provided leadership and motivated colleagues and staff to aim for excellence in every sphere of their activity and setting an example of taking a positive approach to challenges.


Always made constant efforts to develop and improve product and service sources to ensure cost effective inputs to customers.


Range Of Products And Services Handled


Cement, HDPE Woven Sacks, PVC Compounds, Power Cables, Airconditioners and Water Coolers, UPS Systems, Inverters, Tubular Lighting Systems, Consumer Durables,

Incinerators and Furnaces, Diesel Generators, Engineering Tools

AC Service Contracts, Private Power to HT Users, Financial Services,

Real Estate Marketing


As a Materials Professional


Active co-ordination with suppliers, user departments, stores and finance departments for smooth, dependable and uninterrupted flow of products and services.


Active interaction with vendors and prospective vendors to gain insight for constantly improving utilization of human and material resources in the chain.


Constant efforts to develop and improve product and service sources to ensure cost effective inputs to the organization.


Motivating colleagues and staff to aim for excellence in every sphere of their activity and setting an example of taking a positive approach to challenges.


Range Of Products And Services Handled


Process Equipment, Engineering Equipment, Fabrication products, Chemicals and Plastics, Plant and Machinery, Material Handling Equipment, Electrical Equipment, Office equipment

Cement, Steel, Construction Materials, Chemicals, Industrial Hardware,

Tooling and customized components, Engineering contracts and services

Outsourcing of manufacturing processes


In Handling Communications


Have been a very successful professional predominantly due to excellent spoken and written communication.


Have taken initiative in our project in conducting in-house knowledge management exercises (beyond the normal role in Materials Management). Brief notes/articles on the same circulated across the Company were very well received.


As part of spreading professionalism and management development, have coined appropriate theme tones and send it with every mail as a footnote titled “Food For Thought”. Widely read and appreciated by recipients within and outside the Company. (A sample can be sent if desired)


At B.I.T.S., Pilani, was Editor and then Chief Editor of the House Magazine published by MBA students during my two year M.B.A. program.


Have developed and maintain my own websites: www.rescuefoundation.org.in , www.jsridhar.com , www.jsridhar.in , www.khanagyan.in


In Non Profits


Run an informal non profit activity named The Rescue Foundation focusing mainly on schooling support for poor children, emergency medical aid on specific requests and distribution of clothes to the poor. The website is http://www.rescuefoundation.org.in. Invested in constant efforts to motivate people to offer donations to good causes to the needy. Interacting with prospective donors to ensure proper utilization of donations offered.


Former Member of UNITI FOUNDATION, a non profit organization whose core objective is to improve the quality of education in India, sourcing and bringing high quality world class education through collaborative arrangements from leading educational institutions in US, Australia or Europe; counselling in career linked education. As a Voluntary Member of the FOUNDATION, have good exposure to all activities of the FOUNDATION. Had regular interaction with several educationists, heads of educational institutions, students, parents, education department of Governments, Ministries and overseas education professionals.

 In UNITI Foundation, interacted with various agencies and government to spread awareness of hundreds of vocations available to the poor who cannot afford long term formal college education. Also involved in working out modalities to arrange collaborations for education programmes with overseas institutions.


Formerly Executive Council Member of SUCCESS UNLIMITED, a movement for personal and organizational development. As an Executive Council Member, engaged in supporting and guiding the activities relating to individual and corporate training services in leadership training, personality development, counselling and organizational development using neuro linguistic programming systems. In Success Unlimited, was an active participant in all meetings designed to offer a high standard of quality training in leadership and positive mental attitudinal development.


Was also, for a brief period, a Mentor in Bharatiya Yuva Shakti Trust (BYST), a part of the Confederation of Indian Industry(CII), set up to provide mentoring guidance to tiny scale entrepreneurs. Though still a member, have not recently participated actively due to time constraints.






Present Role: Management & Business Consultant


Type of activities: Hand Holding Guidance and Support in marketing, commercial operations, materials, business analysis, people management, mentoring, team building and funding.


Clients: Young and Professional Organizations





August 2014 to December 2016:

Role: Head of Operations in a Cloud Services Company    

Span of Control: Cloud Services- Operations and Support

Reporting To : Managing Director



Management functions:


Lead a team of Support Engineers, Team Leader and Coordinator to achieve results.

Ensure client satisfaction on services rendered

Design and set up systems, norms and performance measurement scales

Control all commercial aspects with clients including billing and collection



Strategic Functions:


Analyze clients’ performance and expand business with them

Draw inferences from feedback and help develop new products

Handle a delicate balance with rewards and controls to maximize employee effectiveness

Create and sustain a high level of morale in the organization

Giving feedback to the Management on improving professionalism in the organization



Special Activities Undertaken And Achievements:


Ran a campaign to clean up messy accounts and bring in financial discipline

Reorganized the team with clear goals and accountability

Working on an innovative Incentive Scheme to recognize merit

Developing a Travel Policy for staff travel

Developing a scientific Performance Appraisal System for staff

Achieved over 400% improvement in collections and 50% increase in client usage of cloud services



October 2009 to June 2014: Operated with the GVK Group of Companies. Placed in the role of Head-Materials (Alaknanda Site) as Deputy General Manager-Materials at their maiden hydroelectric project in Uttaranchal. Independently handling all materials and stores co-ordination functions at the project site for the prestigious flagship project in this sector. In a short span of time, effected several improvements including work methods, work culture and attitudinal development and have received appreciation for such contribution that has far reaching impact in the organization.


Earlier Role: Head of Materials at the Hydro Power Project Site    

Span of Control: Purchase, Stores, Logistics, Co-ordination

Reporting To : Group Vice President (Materials) at Corporate Office


Management functions:

·         Lead a team of managers, executives and supervisors through participative management.

·         Motivate team members to reach high levels of excellence with a “Never Give Up” Attitude.

·         Create challenging tasks to provide opportunity for performers to shine.

·         Implemented SAP in Materials Management at project site.


Strategic Functions:

·         Closely interact with Group Head and other senior professionals in contributing ideas and plans of strategic nature.

·         Often consulted by seniors when taking critical decisions and steps that could have major impact on operations.


Special Activities Undertaken:

Implementation of SAP: Actively involved in implementation of SAP-Materials Module at the project. Guided in material classification, codification customizing of requirements and inculcating IT consciousness among staff.


Formation of Inventory Management Group (IMG). Primary objective was to focus on select high value raw materials. Minimize inventory build up, study and monitor consumption, ensure reissue of material retrieved from scrap to reduce fresh purchase.


Formation of Zero Inventory Management Team (ZIM): The ZIM Team would enthusiastically conduct in-depth studies on money blocked in various materials and material groups, discuss and identify possible use of such materials and release blocked funds.


Know Your Project Series (KYP): The KYP Series was conducted to familiarize all Managers and Executives in the Department with all aspects of the project. A speaker would be invited from the project site and he would explain the features of his project wing in simplified terms. KYP helped team members find greater meaning in their work and thus removed boredom and remoteness in the work activities.


Self Assessment Project: A Self Assessment exercise was carried out among all the Departmental executives. Each Executive made a self assessment of his strength, areas of improvement, set professional goals and indicated career preferences. This was found very useful by the Management in repositioning some of them in other project sites thus avoiding fresh recruitment that was planned. The Head Office found it so interesting and relevant that they invited me to conduct a similar goal setting exercise for the HO Materials Department.


Sourcing of major materials for sister projects: Helped the Management in sourcing of very critical raw materials like coal for our thermal project. Also helped design logistics for this challenging activity.


Materials and Activities covered:

*Cement                    *Construction Equipment                           *Transportation and C & F contracts


*TMT Steel                 *Engineering goods and hardware          *O & M contracts for Batching Plants


*Diesel                       *Office appliances and consumables      *Construction & Specialty Chemicals



2006 to Sept. 09: Operated as an independent Consultant in a few areas:

          a)    Marketing and Corporate Liaison

b)    Real Estate Marketing

c)    Marketing of Financial Services to corporate sector

d)    Product and Services Sourcing for Clients

e)    Assistance in Purchasing of varied products based on Client requirements

f)     Handling specific purchases mandated by Clients


1982 to 2006: Joined a professionally run marketing company in Hyderabad. As CEO, handled all aspects of business especially Marketing and Service. Also handled purchasing, product sourcing, warehousing, logistics, management information systems, administration, interaction with government agencies, engineering services, finance, human resources and accounts


1979 to 1982: Employed as Commercial Manager of a reputed cable manufacturing company. As Commercial Manager, was independently responsible for all Marketing activities. Customer segments included Government, Power Projects, Electricity Boards, Industries and the Electrical Trade. Also responsible for purchases and stores.


1973 to 1979: Employed in a large, reputed explosives manufacturing Company in different capacities.


1.      Management Trainee in the Works Division: ( 1 year); Assisted the Works Manager in manufacturing operations. Primarily engaged in co-ordination and follow up of various techno-commercial operational decisions arrived at in meetings.

2.      Research & Development Coordinator: (1½ years); Independent charge of the entire R & D planning and administration. Totally responsible for all international and domestic purchase of all equipment, instruments, chemicals and reagents. Was also instrumental in the design, planning and implementation of the Company’s new Research and Development Laboratory Building. Actively involved in screening and recruitment of scientific personnel.

3.      Deputy Manager-Materials: (3½ years); Had in-depth exposure to a wide variety of activities covering purchasing and contracts.





Name                            :        J.Sridhar


Qualifications             :        B.E.(Mechanical) (Osm),

                                                M.B.A.(B.I.T.S., Pilani)


Age and Birthday       :        19 / 69 / 109 yrs (12-OCT-1949)

                                              (heart / body / mind !!)


Present Location        :        305, Shankari Apartments

                                              Anjaneyanagar, Banasankari Stage III

                                              Bengaluru 560085.


Phone                          :         +91-9900423057


Email                           :         jsridhar123@gmail.com


Websites                            :            www.jsridhar.com





     *  Love to read and write on varied topics, especially Management, Philosophy and Sports

*   Enjoy involved watching cricket, football and tennis

*   Occasionally watch movies but not a movie buzz

*   Love music and sometimes sing to drive people away!

*   Amateur harmonica player - rarely play!

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