Fitness For Professional Sportspersons


We provide overall player development through sports & provide high quality sporting experience by creating a pathway for athletes & fostering them to become professionals. We work in close coordination with your Coach and Physio.


1)          We have worked with I-league and ISL players on their rehab and preseason training

2)          We specialize in grassroots and youth development.

3)          We provide strength and condition, fitness tests, nutritional guidance etc.

4)          We have a very scientific and evidence based approach

5)          All the plans are done keeping the coach in the loop the head of sports performance and nutrition create the plans together for each student.

6)          We guarantee a change in performance within 2 months of training.

7)          We cater to individuals, groups, league teams, academies etc.

8)          We cater to all sports but Specialize in football and cricket.

9)          We check up to 13 fitness parameters in our screening session which happens before we start any of our classes.


Services that we provide:


·         Sports injury treatment & rehabilitation

·         Sports specific strength & conditioning

·         Sports massage & recovery

·         Flexibility & mobility training

·         Endurance training

·         Pre & post-operative rehabilitation

·         Sports Physiotherapy

·         Diet consultation & planning

·         Nutritional Diagnostics

·         Injury screening

·         Nutritional assessment


Apart from the above services we also provide Player representation & Fitness testing services which are as follows:


Player representation:



We believe that our clients should reach their full potential and achieve their goals. Our agents will ensure that our athletes are presented with the best opportunities to make them reach their goals.



We strive to work in the best interest of our athletes. Our team of experts make sure your contract not only meets the present market value of the player, but also accounts for long term career planning and flexibility.



We educate our clients with digital skills to engage with fans, improve PR, enhance authenticity and image.

– Strategy :-our experienced PR team crafts social media strategies to make our clients reach out to the right target audience and make them well known in the social and professional circuit.
– Engagement :- We help our clients to engage with their fan base and increase their marketability in order to make them more lucrative to the sponsors and clubs.



Being an athlete is stressful and demanding and it is essential for an athlete to be able to cope with these situations. We provide one to one assistance in a safe and confidential environment where players can receive support and counselling.



Our players will be provided with the best legal aid from an experienced and reliable team of legal experts, in their contract negotiation and dispute resolution , if any.



We have bespoke development programs for young athletes to help them to get their first pro contract. Our team of experts ensure our young athletes get the best range of services with our programs in order to set them on the correct path to become a professional athlete.


These are a few assessments and tests that we do for our athletes.

Assessments Conducted

Fitness Tests Conducted

·                 Nutritional Parameters

·                 Anthropometry ( height ,weight, girth , length )

·                 Body Composition Analysis ( whole body fat %, Skeletal muscle mass, Visceral fat % etc)

·                 Resting Metabolism Rate

·                 BMI (z- scores/ percentiles)

·                 Growth chart (WHO/IAP)

·                 Diet recall and history ( veg/ non veg/ food allergy )

·                  Sit and reach test

·                  Calf flexibility test

·                  Groin flexibility test                         

·                  Arrow head agility test                                                 

·                  Stork balance test                                             

·                  Plank test

·                  Overhead medicine ball throw

·                  Vertical Jump test

·                  Shuttle test ( beep test) for endurance.


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