Online Disposals




Online Auctions for Disposals


Range handled:


Unusable or Used Machinery and Equipment

Ferrous Scrap CRCA, Rolling, Melting, Turning, Boring, cast Iron, wrought iron, stainless steel and others

Non Ferrous Scrap Aluminium, Copper, Zinc, Titanium, Lead, Tin, Nickel , and alloys like brass, bronze etc.

Entire Businesses

Complete Plants and Factories

Vehicles Unusable or Used Vehicles

Uncleared Cargo

Electrical Scrap

Waste regulated by PCBs e-Waste, Batteries, Used Oil, Chemicals, Barrels, Plastics and others


BENEFITS OF Online Auctions For Disposals


No initial expenses like advertising, media announcements etc.

Total transparency of transactions.

Higher value realization as compared to traditional methods.

Totally protected from any manipulation.

Large market reach without spending huge amounts to reach them.

Practically zero cost to you our fee will be a fraction of the higher revenue you realize.

Perfect documentation and transaction records with customized, downloadable reports.


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