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J Sridhar BE (Mech,Osmania), MBA (BITS, Pilani)








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You are a young company.

·      You have your brilliant project idea.

·      You have received funding.

·      You need time.

·      And focus.

·      And freedom from distractions, and unproductive activities.


Here’s where I come.

With over four decades of experience in multiple functions and business segments, I can do the following for you:


1.         Take charge of all your operations and nuts-and-bolts details.

2.         Lead your staff in every function that needs to be taken care of.

3.         Free you from all stress and time wasted on inevitable but essential daily activities.

4.         Free you to attend to all the crucial activities that demand your creativity, strategy, focus and vision.


Now, isn’t that called a WIN-WIN situation?


Wouldn’t you like to chat with me and see how I can help you overcome all challenges and achieve your goal?


Mail me or message me on Linkedin or fill in the CONTACT FORM


Together, we shall reach the stars.


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